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Friday, April 22, 2011


Za is a New York style pizzeria that sells pizza by the slice. I've had pizza in New York (I might have been intoxicated, but I remember eating it.), and Za was pretty good! By talking with one of workers, he told me they only use fresh ingredients and make everything from scratch. I wasn't convinced with the sauce, but the cheese definitely tasted fresh. That's more important to me.
The downside of buying pizza by the slice is that you're at the mercy of what they have available at that time. So when I went I could only get cheese or pepperoni & sausage. They had a lot of other exciting combinations and ingredients like margherita, greek style, and gouda, but those were only available if you ordered a whole pie. Since we just popped in, I could only get a slice. :-(

Overall, it was pretty good! I'd go again.

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'Za Pizzeria
801 Broad Ripple Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46220
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