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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pupcakes & Cupcakes - Parcha Sweets

The problem with being behind in my blog posts is that when I write one for some place I went to awhile ago, I get really hungry for the food I'm writing about. So even though I'm super full from dinner, I really want a cupcake..or two...well, look at these pics! How could I not?!
April 20th has a certain significance for a lot people, but for me, it's my "kid's" Coco's birthday! My little pomeranian turned 2 years old. So to celebrate, I picked up some pupcakes from Three Dog Bakery for the dogs, and some cupcakes from Parcha Sweets just down the street. It's super cute inside, and the lady that helped me was ridiculously helpful. Turns out the chef has a very impressive resume, and sometimes she will just make whatever she feels like (see the above picture of the mini cheesecakes!) along with the regular cupcakes on the menu.

Top Row (from left to right): Caribbean Coconut, Lemon, Cappuccino Cream
Bottom Row (from left to right): Peanut Salty Caramel, Red Velvet, Wedding Cake
Right Picture: Tres Leches
(All descriptions are from the website.)
Caribbean Coconut Cream: White chocolate coconut ganache hidden inside a coconut cake frosted with coconut buttercream. (P's favorite!)

Lemon: Sweet and tangy lemon cream filling tucked inside a ricotta lemon cake frosted with smooth vanilla buttercream.

Cappuccino Cream: Mocha cake, Kahlua filling, and vanilla frosting sprinkled with cinnamon. (One of my favorites!)

Peanut Salty Caramel: Chocolate cake surrounds delicioius salty caramel filling, all crowned with peanut butter frosting.

Red Velvet: A marriage of sinfully rich red cake and white cream cheese frosting. A touch of Southern charm!

Wedding Cake: A light and moist cake is infused with vanilla, almond and brandy and finished with delicate vanilla buttercream frosting.

Tres Leches: Vanilla sponge cake soaked in a combination of three classic milks and topped with marshmallow fluff frosting. (You'll need a spoon!)

All of these cupcakes and desserts were AMAZING!!! What I really enjoyed about these cupcakes is that there was a good balance of icing and cake. Sometimes you get cupcakes that have so much icing that it's all that you can taste. Not here! I thought a lot of flavors were creative and great combinations. I really loved this place and will come here again. And for those that want more than cupcakes, Parcha offers coffee drinks, ice cream desserts, custom cakes, and free wifi at their store.

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Parch Sweets
2101 Broad Ripple Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46220
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