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Monday, April 11, 2011

Kimu Asian

Kimu Asian was added to the list after reading about it in the New York Times article, "In Indianapolis, the World Comes to Eat". It's a Burmese restaurant on the edge of Greenwood and Indianapolis, right across from the Greenwood Park Mall. We decided to adventure there when we were in the mood for something really exotic. ;-) Sarah was unfortunately absent from this excursion, but not to worry; my good friend, Rani, stepped in for a guest appearance. This was Rani's first Feed My Food Baby experience, but she was already hip to the rules. She knew she was going to have to share her meal.

Per the Nuvo article about Kimu, the owner worked as a sushi chef prior to opening Kimu. This explains the random sushi menu in the middle of the table. Since we were wanting exotic, we opted out for the sushi.

The service was really slow (took us about 30 mins to get our checks), but very helpful and friendly. With the server's help, we ordered the Pork with Pickle Mango, Pork with Bamboo Shoot, Tuak Tuak Kyaw (Chinese Style), and Curry with Tofu. I also did something I don't normally do; I ordered the Burmese sweet hot tea instead of water or beer.

My favorite was the curry with tofu. The tofu worked really well with the potatoes, carrots and coconut sauce. This was the dish that I kept grazing while we were waiting for our check. I think I might just be a curry lover.
What I really enjoyed about the pork with bamboo shoot is that they used pork belly instead of chopped pork loin...and who can resist pork belly? It was really tasty, and I liked all the veggies with it. Unfortunately, I didn't really notice the bamboo shoots...oh well.
I couldn't try the pork with pickle mango (I'm allergic to mango), but I'm told that it tasted a lot like the pork with bamboo shoots. I think it looked better, and really wanted to try it. I was very tempted to risk breaking out around my mouth for a taste, but I was supposed to go out afterwards and that's not very attractive...
Last but not least, the tuak tuak kyaw which is a dish of sauteed meat of your choice and veggies. We ordered it with beef. I really liked this dish right away, but Jamie was put off, at first, that the beef was ground. They went a little heavy on the sauce, but once you mixed it with the nice, you didn't even notice. I would order this again.
I have to say, while I wasn't disappointed with the food, I was disappointed by how much everything reminded me of another type of cuisine. I was really hoping for something really different and memorable. The tea reminded me of Indian chai; the curry was like thai curry; and the other dishes were like chinese dishes. Oh well, I now know better than to expect something different. Maybe next time I'll try the sushi too.

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Kimu Asian
1280 US31 North
Greenwood, IN 46142

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