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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Workingman's Friend

After my disappointing visit to Boogie Burger, Jamie and I were in need of a really solid burger. We met for lunch at Workingman's Friend close to where I work. It's another one of those blue collar hole in the wall that you could very easily miss when you're driving. The restaurant sign is an old school sign with a giant Pepsi logo and their very faded name. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm pretty sure they serve Coke products. Be sure to stop at the ATM because this place only takes cash. It's probably because of the old school cash register that the bartender still uses. It kind of looks like this:
The atmosphere is relaxed. The servers are friendly. And if you order a tea, it'll come in a mason jar. :-)

They are known for their double cheeseburgers and tenderloins. Personally, I don't care for their tenderloin - you should just go to John's Famous Stew or Bourbon Street for that. So I only get a double cheeseburger there. They cook the burgers on a griddle so the patties have a really crunchy crust and crispy bits around the edges.
I got the double cheeseburger with everything on it. That includes lettuce, tomato, and onions. Jamie got the jalapeno burger, which I didn't even realize they had, but it's basically the regular cheeseburger with pepper jack cheese instead of American.

1. Were the patties juicy and well seasoned? They're not oozing with juice because they're thin, but they're definitely not lacking in flavor!
2. Did all the extras balance well with the meat? I thought so. They're your standard toppings. The lettuce and onions were crispy. The tomato was surprisingly not gritty. The cheese wasn't overwhelming. Kind of perfect actually.

3. How did the bun hold up? The bun is also standard, and it was all you needed. It was soft. It didn't fall apart. It didn't turn to mush. It did its job. A+

This is one of those places that I crave. You might too after trying it. ;-)

The Rating
- Of course I'm giving it 2.

The Info
Workingman's Friend
234 N. Belmont Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46222

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