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Monday, May 28, 2012

Devour Downtown Catch Up

This post is terribly out of order. It's from Devour Downtown last summer. So I'll just put up pics and note a few things that I still remember...

St. Elmo's Steakhouse

I was really underwhelmed by St. Elmo's. Maybe it was all the hype, but I just didn't think it was that good. Peterson's is still my favorite place for steak, but I even liked Ruth's Chris better. I was also surprised by the atmosphere. It was very loud and seemed very casual. I guess I just expected more. I do have to say, our service was fantastic. Very attentive, especially when we were just ordering off the Devour Downtown menu.

127 S. Illinois
Indianapolis, IN 46225
St. Elmo Steak House on Urbanspoon

I am still trying to find Italian as good as what I had in Boston...Iaria's was just fine. Ok in pasta, but great in salad dressings! They actually make them in house and taste fantastic! I tried both their house Italian and Bleu Cheese. Both were really really good. I highly recommend NOT skipping the salad here just for the dressing.

317 S. College Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Iaria's Italian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Iozzo's Garden of Italy
Still not as good as Boston, but is probably one of the best in Indy. The inside and atmosphere is really nice. A little crowded, but not cramped. The ravioli isn't made in house, but the sauce and filling were very good. The only disappointing part was the cannoli dessert. I was expecting a big, flakier cannoli, but what we got instead was a bit weak. 

946 S. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Iozzo's Garden of Italy on Urbanspoon

This place is so hit or miss for me. Sometimes it's good, and other times it's eh. This time was eh. The worst part was the cheesecake. It was overcooked and had a hard browned top. Definitely the worst cheesecake I have ever had. My eh experiences are always so disappointing because I love that Dunaway's is in the old Oxygen building, that you can eat on the roof, and how cool the bar looks. 

351 S. East St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Dunaway's Palazzo Ossigeno on Urbanspoon

Adobo Bar & Grill
Really good! When I used to go to Adobo on the northside, I thought the only highlights were the guacamole and margarita. Now that they're downtown, it seems like they got a major makeover! The restaurant is a really cool looking place that I hear hosts salsa. And I thought the travelling mariachi band was a fun addition to the atmosphere. I'll go here again. Plus, they had ceviche! Not bad!

110 E. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Adobo Grill on Urbanspoon

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