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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tortas Guicho Dominguez y El Cubanito

Wow! What a name!
This long named Fountain Square restaurant has a lot of gourmet Mexican sandwiches. I think it's fun that they name their sandwiches after celebrities. The #1 is the Salma H. which has chicken breast, ham, and mozzarella. Or the Shakira has breaded steak, chorizo and mozzarella. I went with the #10 Eduardo V.
It had ham, breaded steak, hot dog and queso blanco on it. All of their tortas come with mayo, avocado, and tomato.This super meaty sandwich was very, very filling! I ordered this because I was curious about the breaded steak and hot dog. The really nice waitress told me that they cut the hot dog length wise and cook it in a pan and press all the grease out. The breaded steak wasn't bad. I think because it was pressed so thin, it made it difficult to get very much beef flavor so it just tasted like breading. The bread was very thick and substantial enough for all of the meat and toppings. 

I definitely want to come back to this place and try a different sandwich. Maybe I'll get the France or the Enrique! If you're feeling really adventurous, you should try their Cubana Challenge! Eat 3 Cubanas in 30 minutes and get $100 plus entire table's meal is free! But if you fail then your entire table has to pay double. Let me know if you do it. :-)

The Info
Tortas Guicho Dominguez y El Cubanito
641 Virginia Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46203

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