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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Usual Suspects

I rarely think of Usual Suspects in Broad Ripple as a place to go eat at. It's usually my go to dirty martini spot. Mike makes the best martinis. But after having dinner there, I will be thinking of it more often.

I ordered the french onion soup and the award winning osso bucco. It's like a challenge when you tell me your food is award winning! I thought the french onion was really good. Even though the cheese wasn't melting over the sides of the bowl, I have no complaints about the amount of melty cheese in this soup. And with a lot of the toasted cheesy bread dry, it added a good crunchy element. I also really enjoyed the osso bucco. I think osso bucco is normally a veal shank, but this one was a pork shank. The dish needed salt, but the meat fell right off the bone and there was a lot of it! Way more than shown on their website. The risotto wasn't memorable, but it was cooked all the way. Receiving undercooked risotto has been way too frequent for me.

Mike ordered the lamb kabobs after they ran out of beef tips. He was pretty disappointed. The lamb kabobs tasted ok, but they weren't amazing. Overdone. Probably won't order them again.

Overall, Usual Suspects was a great value. You get pretty decent food for not a lot of money. Also, if you're looking for a place to eat at with a big group, this is a good choice.

The Info
Usual Suspects
6319 Guilford Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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