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Monday, September 26, 2011

Santorini Greek Kitchen

I was super excited to try this place for a couple of reasons:
1. I was having a craving for Greek food; specifically saganaki (flaming cheese)!
2. I had the privilege of having lunch with my good friend, Ben, and his girlfriend, Jessica.

Unfortunately, I was so anxious for the saganaki that I completely failed to take a picture before eating all of it. I'm really sorry... Also, this is the first time I'm using my "new" phone, so hopefully the pictures (for the food I take pictures of) turn out ok. Anyway, I really liked the saganaki here. Not only did it taste really good (how could melted goat cheese not?!), but the show was great! The very charismatic waiter came out, lit the dish on fire and yelled OPPA! If you come here, be prepared to hear quite a few OPPAs!

For my entree, I ordered the moussaka platter. I wanted to see how different it was from the moussaka at Canal Bistro. First of all, I thought it looked really good. You could clearly see the layers of potatoes, eggplant and ground beef. It didn't have the smell of cinnamon that Canal Bistro's moussaka did, which was unfortunate since that was one of my favorite things about it. I also thought it had too much of a tomato flavor. But really, the food wasn't bad at all... I just think Canal Bistro has become my new standard for moussaka. :-/

Service was great. The waiter was outgoing, but not over the top, although he did give a business card..? He was attentive and very nice. Can't ask for much else.

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The Info
Santorini Greek Kitchen
1417 E. Prospect St.
Indianapolis, IN 46203
(317) 917-1117

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