Monday, April 18, 2011

Boogie Burger

Along with writing this blog, I spend (too much) time reading food blogs. One of my favorite blogs reviews burgers, so I feel like a bit of an expert. They look at how juicy and well seasoned is the patty, how well the garnishes balance with the meat, and how the bun holds up. So that's how I am going to review Boogie Burger.

We heard from many people that Boogie Burger was the best burger they have ever eaten. We also heard that the garlic fries were to die for. I, unfortunately, did not have the same experience. Boogie Burger gave me heartburn and made me puke. :-/ But to be was most likely my fault. P said it best; sometimes I forget that I'm a small girl and not a big, burly man.

Sarah, Jamie, and Mike ordered the Wild Wild West Burger. Boogie Burger's most popular burger. It has onion rings, chedder cheese, bacon, and bbq sauce.
P ordered the Disco Inferno (I knew she would!) that has grilled serrano chiles and pepper jack cheese. Sorry that I couldn't get a picture of the burger..P was hungry. ;-)
The fatty that I am ordered the Boogie Monster (bwahaha!): Two beef patties with onion rings, grilled pastrami, a fried egg and bacon. I'm getting heartburn just thinking about it.
For a side most of us got the garlic fries. They're your thicker cut standard frozen fries tossed with fresh garlic and parsley. Mike hated them. He felt like he was eating cloves of garlic and a couple of spuds.
1. Were the patties juicy and well seasoned? Jamie and I agreed they weren't. Kind of tasted like the pre-formed frozen patties you can get at the grocery. Very disappointed.

2. Did all of the extras balance well with the meat? For was a little much. I love egg and bacon on burgers, but the grilled pastrami didn't add anything and it was very dry. The Wild Wild West and Disco Inferno were better. P said that the Disco Inferno had just the right amount of heat.

3. How did the bun hold up? The bun for my burger was pathetic, but in its defense, there were a lot of stuff on the burger. Everyone else's burgers seemed to hold up pretty well.

I'm willing to try Boogie Burger again, but I will definitely NOT get the Boogie Monster. I think I'll acknowledge my limitations and just get the single Boogie Burger.

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Boogie Burger
927 East Westfield Blvd. (Moving to 1904 Broad Ripple Ave. Corner of Broad Ripple Ave and Crittenden)
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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